Mt. Calvary offers an information class for anyone interested in learning more about the basic tenets of Christianity, with an emphasis on what Lutherans teach and believe.  Pastor Luke will discuss with you some of the basics of the Christian faith over a period of six sessions.  After these sessions, you are invited to join the membership of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church.

Statement of Faith


  • We believe God's Word is given to us through the Bible. It is on this Word that we base our faith and Christian living.
  • We believe in a loving and merciful God who created this world so that we could live in peace with Him and enjoy the abundance of His Blessings.
  • After God created the world, sin entered the world through Adam and Eve. Now, we are all sinners. The perfection God intended for us has been distorted by sin. All the suffering of our world -- physical, emotional, and spiritual -- trace their origin to sin.
  • The only remedy to sin has been offered to us through Jesus Christ. Jesus took our sins upon His shoulders and died with them on the cross.
  • When Jesus died on the cross, all our sins were forgiven in God's eyes. We are now reconciled with Him.
  • The proof that we are reconciled with God came on Easter morning when Jesus rose from the dead and showed us that we, too, will rise from the dead and live with God forever.
  • Although, we continue to suffer as a consequence of this world's sin, we have the sure confidence of regaining the perfection God intended for us when He raises us to life everlasting.
  • In gratitude for what God has done, we want to serve, love, trust, and praise Him the rest of our days.

About the Church